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Angry Machine Love

Feigning Ignorance For Fun And Profit. Except There Is No Profit.

I'm back. New direction, new name, same old journal. This time, the entries are going to be primarily about me and for me. With that in mind, most of the entries will probably be private or friends-only.

The Civility Webpage II / Civility LivJournal began its decline in 2007 when my updates decreased from daily to periodic. In 2009, I announced an indefinite hiatus because I thought I was going to finally gain the love of my life. That didn't pan out, and it's been a downhill struggle ever since.

A friend recently suggested that I start writing out my thoughts and feelings instead of carrying them around with me all the time. I started with an old-fashioned notebook journal with a pencil, but it would take far longer to hand write my thoughts and it was far worse on my sore fingers. I can type much more quickly than I can write by hand, and I wanted something I could tag and search, so reviving my defunct LiveJournal seemed like the perfect solution. Another benefit is that I'm writing to friends, which should keep me accountable and reduce the chance of throwing myself a depression-induced pity party. (Knowing other people will read my entries helps me to consider how my thoughts might come across.)